Katia at work

The process of papermaking

Curator of the 9m2 gallery, a young and dynamic gallery that opens its doors in 2015 with the main aim of promoting emerging local artists, Katia concentrates her activities in two sectors.

The first sector is the art gallery with adjoining exhibition space which is now based in Lugano-Pregassona and has several individual and collective exhibitions. The 9m2 gallery’s annual projects include a photo competition, two themed group exhibitions and the presentation of books and authors mainly from Ticino. Creative, artistic and image management workshops are also offered periodically. There is also a good collaboration with institutions and municipalities for the organization of cultural events and mobile exhibitions.
All details can be found at www.9m2.gallery.

The second sector in which Katia concentrates its activities is craftsmanship and more precisely the production of hand-made paper that is recycled and created in an ecological way. In fact, Katia prefers the process that involves only scraps and water, without glues. She also colors the mold in a natural way using cooking spices. There are many sources she recycles: newspapers, paper scarps, wrapping paper and packaging paper. There is also a very absorbent “surprise” paper with multiple colors and inclusions, the source of which remains a … surprise.

Katia annually goes to kindergarten and elementary schools to pursue the ecological and recycling discourse, teaching students to give new life to old newspapers or scraps of paper.

In 2021 he created the handmade-paper.com website completely dedicated to her production of handmade paper in which it is possible to find special editions of objects created with paper, special and colored papers and of various formats.

Thanks to makro photo/video for the reportage www.makro.ph